I do

She Said :)

Just minutes after we ran past The church!!!

Llife is amazing :)

On the train back hOMe to the love of my life now, after cowabunga days with the Nike Team - I love those guys!

Mo sleeping by my side and this soulman in my ears with the perfect lyrics:

I will Shelter you!
I could hold u in my arms forever :)

The rap over the weekend is coming up... But first we ask u, was there NO, ZERO, NULL, 0, kiss in the church??!?!?!

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


soffan said...

Nope. No, zero, null kiss i kyrkan, men däremot utanför på trappan. (Jag har stenkoll för att jag inte har något eget liv, utan måste leva genom alla andra :) . )

mojo said...

Hahah Underbara Siffan - Love U

Någon måste ju hålla ställnigarna ;)