The black bag is packed-again

...and I´ve managed to be just a little bit more organized in my packing than usual...
I´m leaving for Stockholm early tomorrow morning.

Thursday will be spent with 2 great women. First a looong lunch with one and then afternoon fika with the other.
Me and date no 2 will then carry on to this place. Can´t wait!

I know Rickard and Erik from before - and I have to say that they must be two of the most influential guys on the Stockholm training scene during 2010.
I´m looking forward to their WOD ("Workout of the day" in Crossfit lingo) tomorrow night with 50% anticipation and equal amount of dread!

Thursday night I´m spending with this gorgeous man, who decided to leave the West Coast for the East Coast a while ago. I´m not sure I´ve forgiven him for that yet, but I am very much looking forward to seeing him.

Friday and Saturday are NIKE days. We always have our yearly kick-off with the Team in June.
It´ll be lovely to see everyone and get an update, since we are all quite busy and normally only meet a couple of times a year and mostly in passing...
Stay tuned for photos and a full report! :)

Ps. Two extracts from tonight´s dinner conversation - just to prove my head has gone a bit mad from all the strength training in the last few months:

Me: If mum and dad weren´t going away for midsummer´s, we could have gone to London for a Bulgarian Bag course!...and they´re doing the HIRTS trainer, the gladiator wall and the battling ropes too!!!
P: Ehrr.. Yes, we could´ve. Sort of...

Moments later (at least I´m not that easily deterred),
Me:...and you know what? We´re getting a rope-machine at the gym!
P: A rope machine?
Me: Yes! ...which you can pull from this angle, and this angle, and...


Jessica said...

Längtar efter att ses!

Massa kramar

soffan said...

Hahaha, one track mind...? Din man måste ha blivit SÅÅÅ besviken över att ni inte kunde gå den där kursen i midsommar. ;)

mojo said...

Jessica: Jag med!!! Snart... :)

Soffan: PRECIS och exakt! :)