Mental Detox Day 7!


Today you have permission to daydream about anything you want to! Today is a total release of the "real" world. You can wish for anything!!!

Start by writing down ten wishes or dreams. For instance:

  • I want to sing with Madonna
  • I want to fly to the moon
  • I want to rule the world
  • I want an IQ of 2000
  • I want....
Once you have the list then just sit back and enjoy it. Imagine yourself ruling the world shortlly after winning TP. Tickets to the moon in your back pocket and the roar of the crowd still fresh in your mind from last nights concert with Madonna. In your mind you can be and do anything you want. So go ahead! Dream on and wish away.

Now that you have got into the swing of it you can get on with your normal day and transform it into the most amazing day you have ever had. Everything you do today will be the stuff dreams are made of.

wow, feels like Christmas, can hardly wait.....


By the way, did you find your RISK? Please tell me, what is it?! I am having some trouble finding mine. HAve been thinking about it all day...hm...last night I dreamt of SNAKES, they were ALL OVER ME :( Perhaps thats my RISK. But I would much more like the rush of bungyjumping... so which one should I go with?!


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