We are ALIVE!

I promise! Both me and MO, it's just that we have hardly had time to breath the last couple of days.. BUT we have been discussing MANY exciting things that will come up here on MOJO any second now so keep your eyes WIDE open...

  • Outlets in the pouring rain
  • BOND
  • Brad Pitt
  • Yoga Show
  • More Bikram Yoga
  • more shopping
  • anti shopping
  • weddingdresses
  • high (REALLY HIGH) heel shoes
  • FAB dinners
  • early flights
  • COMPETITIONS (for you and us)
  • Fikas
  • Damn Iphone
  • Size matters?
  • Gymbox
  • Pilates and yet not pilates
  • HARD as Yoga
  • Dreams
  • on and on and on

no Eyes wide shut... OBRE LOS OYOS Mojo readers, we are on FIRE :)


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