The Heat is on


Working in the fitness industry, you get used to seeing new concepts come and go...
A few inventions make it to the absolute top, meaning it will go mainstream in 1-2yrs and most gyms will offer the program/the machine/the concept.

The history of spinning is legendary and the force with which indoor cycling made its place in group training is almost second to none.
Les Mills has managed to do the same with their programs.
Who would have thought cycling or barbell training would make it that big???

Other programs like "The Slide" came and went faster than you could say "skating". (I was actually invited to attend the very first official SLIDE Master training workshop ever held in the UK - I lived in Scotland at the time - and trained for 1 day with the program director Linda something...not something that has stuck on my CV ever since...)

There´s also programs that deserve a bigger success than they get. H.E.A.T is one of those. I shot the following short video clip about 3 years ago at a Fitness Show in Firenze (Florence), Italy and I actually thought H.E.A.T had the potential to make it big.

H.E.A.T was booked at IDEA that year and the program had a very charismatic front person, who made people scream and holler in ecstasy during his sessions...
What happened?
H.E.A.T wasn´t to be seen outside Italy during the years to come and now there are other indoor walking programs popping up like mushrooms right left and center.

I can´t wait to see my old Master Trainer Johnny G present his new baby, KRANKING at FIBO this year. Hype or Hit? A full report will be found on MOJO at the end of April...



Windy Goethals said...

I'm responsable for the program "Striding" for the Benelux.
This program is also 3 years old and can be compared qua filosophy with "the old school" of Spinning.
The education program for instructors is very well structured and the range of attendees (participants of the class) is much larger than any walking program.
We have classes specialy for +50 people.
Please look after the web site www.cirqels.com and www.stridingsystem.com
Just for your info,
warm greets,
Windy Goethals

mojo said...

Hi Windy!
Thank you for your info! I´ve actually seen some marketing for Striding and I even think there might be some places in Sweden that offers the program already.

Will Striding be represented at FIBO?

Kind Regards

mojo said...

Actually, now when I´ve taken a look at the webpage, I realize I know most of the trainers for the Striding program! (since they are all spinning people!) :)

Giuliana, Mario, Giancarlo, Moreno and Barbara are all lovely and I´ve known most of them for many years...

The world is small and getting smaller,


Windy Goethals said...

Hi Mo,
Yes we will be at Fibo.
A lot of the Italian people will be there also...but not only for us, also to see Johnny again in Europe ( was since 2004, in Munich)
Warm greets,