It's her party...

but she has NO idea!

Tomorrow we are off........

Mom really have NO ideas what we are about to do :) Just that she should be ready at 7am with her passport and she will be back late Tuesday!

She has gotten two leads for a week now and they have been:

  • Bridges + born 1939
  • 007 + glitter n glam
  • Fergie + my dad
  • washing dishes
  • Mel Gibbson + Schweiz
  • Horse + Afro
  • Anna Mae Bullock + Underground
  • ME (I surprised her with champagne and cakes in Lund :)
  • Private Dancer + Grandma
  • Film + USA
So can you figure it out?

We leave in a couple of hours,,,,,,

I am soo excited!!!

Hope I can fall a sleep!

La la love Jo

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