One of THOSE days


I´ve felt a bit like this today:

Darling Daisy taking a nap

Even if I had a good start with a morning meeting with MG, a lunchtime yoga session (doing my own training) and a fairly good administrative session in front of the computer. Just one of those days, when the rain is pouring down and the sky is an even silvery-grey colour...

Doing the weekly food shopping now. Need to find something to lift my spirit... Something with C-vitamins (yes, still got that craving) and perhaps DORITOS... :)

Tonight´s yummy dinner: fresh haddock and lemon sole covered in crumbs, fresh prawns & avocado/tomato/red onion-salad...got me in a better mood instantly...

...and maybe a few of these later... I´m not a chocolate person - I like salty, spicy things, and as far as crisps go, this is my absolute favorite: Sweet Chilli Pepper Doritos...


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