My HEART belongs to...

Wonderful LULEÅ!

Thank you for your amazing energy :)

Even though I should be exhausted after 3 full on days of teaching, only 1 day away from the speedy vacation in London, I am not! All thanks to the great Yoginis who opened up there hearts and minds and listened to what I had to say :)

On the flight back home last night I read my new book:

A History of the HEART!

It is amazing! The heart powers our physical life, but throughout human history it has also been viewed as the seat of our deepest emotions.

While the Egyptians ensured that their dead had their hearts with them as they entered the realm of Death, the Aztecs removed hearts from living victims and offered them, still beating, to the gods.

This most precious of organs encapsulates our humanity, representing both our physical being and our conciousness!

I have to read some more now, lying on my SPIKMATTA :)

Sweet Dreams all hearts!


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