Schlager Spin???


A packed day ahead, getting ready for Barncancerfonden´s Spinn of Hope in Stockholm tomorrow and the 1-day continuing education course I´m doing for Friskvågen in Varberg on Sunday.
You know I told you I would have Adam Tensta on stage with me tomorrow? Turns out his management stopped him from appearing: "..that´s not good for your image as a hip-hoper..."
Eh, say what?
1) Is he 50cent?
2) Does his management own him or does he have any free will?
3) And anyway, 50cent probably would have done it and "flipped the bird" to his management if they told him what he could/could not do.

So now, MANGO, I will do 30 minutes of SchlagerSpin after my own 60 minutes!

I´m joined on stage by Emilia and SHE gets to choose the music (her songs). This MUST qualify as a Schlager-ride??? Finally.
Febbe, Mango & Robert, wish you were there to see and hear it with your own eyes and ears...



Anonymous said...

I am SOOOO proud of you! Wish I could be there to see and enjoy this MAJOR event. Good luck and let the schlager music fill your senses!

Mango said...

I will leave France. I will pack my bags and I will take the first connection to Varberg. *big smile*

Monika! Please take pictures and most of all get an audio recording.

I knew Monika, that you would wake up and step in to the real world someday. Halleluja!


mojo said...

I KNEW...there is NO WAY I will ever hear the end of THIS....O.M.G!

MO+Schlager is such a rare event that I must say: I will hold my head up high and make the MOst of the situation... :)

Thanks for your support, my friends. I will bring the photographic evidence home with me - to be published on the blog Saturday evening...

Lots of love & kisses

Magnus said...

Haha.. Adam Tensta är hiphopens 1-öring ;) YoMo!

mojo said...

Visst måste det vara så, Magnus? Konstigt hur det kan vara...

Full rapport följer iaf detta historiska ögonblick, när Mo kommer att sitta på cykeln till scchhhhlllaaaager!!!

Aaaaarrrhhhhhggggggggggg....... :)


Magnus said...

Haha.. Det får bli lite musikalisk detox på FIBO;) Det kan ju också vara bra att snabbt som tusan koppla upp iPoden efter klassen och på högsta volym lyssna på lite prettomusik för att förebygga en fortsatt stabil mental hälsa;) Just in case liksom. Lycka till:) kram M

mojo said...

..så sant, så sant...

Min första timme (som jag kör själv) är endast uppbyggd kring obskyr dansmusik...och då pratar vi inte Streaplers eller Vikingarna...