Happy birthday, DAISY!


I worked with Friskvågen in Varberg today. A beautiful training center close to the castle and water. 18 people attended the continuing education and it was a pleasure having such a dedicated and "hungry" group. It made the day pass very quickly and around 16.45 I found myself at my favourite little person´s 1 year Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Daisy!

Check out the photograph above in which she has birthday cake for the first time - and almost on her own! Yes, that is happy whipped cream all over her face... :)

P and I are inundated by the same question: "Have you decided a name yet???"
The answer is no.
Until we do, we have the FUNNIEST working name! Since we want the name to work in several countries, especially latin- and English speaking countries, P came up with the brilliant idea (this was done JUST before falling asleep the other night, great timing..) of trying to crack the most DIFFICULT name to pronounce in as many languages as possible... The result sent us howling of laughter. Try the following:

"My name is Putte".."no, no, PUTTE...P...U....double T....E...PUTTE"
"Me llamo Putte"
"Ich heiss Putte"
"Je suis Putte"

Say these out loud to yourself. Without laughing. Eh, good luck.


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