U tell me!


The SUN is Shining and I am on my way to school to learn more about the Placebo effect! So interesting!

I need your help on some things....

1. I am doing a workshop en the 17-19th of APRIL in GOTHENBURG! My only weekend of before the summer - and I would love to play with you! But WHAT DO YOU FEEL LIKE DOING?

Let me know and I'll wrap it up in shiny glossy paper with a bow :)

2. Which one is your favourite?

3. What would you like to read about?

I often get so caught up in the moment... and write about that but if there is something that you would like to read more about just let us know!!

Have a FIERCE Thursday!

Circus JO


just a steel town girl on a saturday night said...

obviously #4!

lena andersson said...

Självklart TJEJEN på nr 4,vem kan konkurrera med henne!!!!!!

mojo said...

JOJO, it´s not even a competition!
Gorgeous girl as always!

Love & Lök

K said...

1. Fun. Yoga, yoga and more yoga
2. You look fantastic!
3. I think the charm with this and other blogs is that you do write about whats in your head at the moment, so keep it up.

Jenny said...

Hej Johanna,

Jag är så nyfiken på vad det är du pluggar?! Det låter så spännande, jag blir så inspirerad - det blir jag generellt av allt ni skriver förresten :)

Hälsn Jenny

Jo said...

Hej Hot Steel Town Girl
U obviously have great taste ;)

Just like U mom... but then again, u made her :)

Mo: Lökar right back at ya hottie!

Thank you K fr inspiring us to keep on writing about everything from fyrklöver to world peace :)

Jenny: Ja!! Det är spännande det jag pluggar :)
Jag läser Männskliga Kommunikationer på Göteborgs Universitet, Museion! En kurs på halvfart med grymma föreläsare och perfekt upplägg för dig som gör annat men gillar att vidga dina vyer!
Säg bara till om du vill följa med någon dag, det är på torsdagar!

Kramar Jo