How do they do it?!


Amazing that I am this clear this morning :)

After doing a day English style yesterday!
Started out with running 1 Swedish mile :) Jihaaa, this was the first one this year and not a minute to late since I am still planning on running the GBG varv!!

Back home in the flat, a quick shower and then my flat mate and I took the bus down to Putney to watch the Boat race (every year Cambridge and Oxford compete on the river Thames, apparently EVERYONE in London wants so see this! It's even on TV!).

The traffic was jammed so we decided to run (or he did and I had to follow). Feeling like James Bond we ran down the street jumping over black cabs and red buses. When we finally reached the river they were gone! But as someone said - can you imagine a boat on the river... can you imagine it passing... so there you go, now you've seen it let's go for drinks! And so we did!

I don't drink beer but I thought that NOW was a good time to learn how and what to drink in this beer jungle!

So we went to 6 different bars and this is what I (little me) had:
  • One pint of GUINNESS
  • Capirina + Brazilian Food (loads and loads of meat)
  • PIMMS and more PIMMS
  • 2 big mojitos
  • 4 gin and tonic
  • Curry


And this was on a Sunday night! I don't know how they do it, even after the last GT they picked on me for NOT drinking more, even at the Indian Curry house they picked on me for having a lassi instead of a beer!

I have no idea about this day but my plan is to train with JAMES agin in his studio, then train with the crazy Edward Clark and then teach yoga for 3 hours ...
I will let you know!

Miss u sweden, see u soon!

Love Jo


p3te* said...

Glad you're having a great time in London, and Boat Race weekend is absolutely one of the best times to be there! (Yay Oxford!)

Hehe...I guess you've got to see first hand how English society is all about bar culture. Most things we do centers around sitting in pubs drinking and talking about everything and nothing...And a curry to finish? It doesnt get more english than that!

All you need now is a Full English Breakfast with black pudding, and you can call your London culinary experience complete!

How do we do it?...Well, we do it every week, over and over again!
Hope youre feeling some of that punk attitude too!

Jo said...


Yeah, I might save the breakfast for next time... so that I have something to look forward to ;)

The PUNK attitude is def there, or should I say MOD :)