My london london.. is going down!!


Back from London, that's where mom and I spent the last beautiful days!

I already miss her! Don't think I know that many who could spend 24/7 with their mom and still miss her when they get home :)

But then again, I don't know many moms like MY mom :)

This song, for example was the ONE we were singing all day long, every day in London (except for Simply the BEST off course).

Right now I have SOO much work to do, but I'll promise to tell you all about what to do and not to do whilst in London, and if the grand old lady passed the test!

Bomchakalacka Jo


Robert Gustavsson said...

London..... hmm why did you not vistit me :-) ..... Take care . Robert ( Mo´s friend )

Lena Andersson said...

underbara dagar med världens bästa guide,gick säkert ner 3 kilo när jag sprang efter dig.
fylld av inspiration och energi möter jag våren nu i skåne.