Spring is officially here


SPRING is officially here!

How do I know? I brought out my bike today. Me going on the "Red Danger", only happens when the temperature is above a certain level and the sun is at least slightly warmer than giving you frostbites...
I look forward to spending time biking around, not having to search for a parking space or getting sore feet from walking. However, I´m an expert in breaking traffic rules on my bike. I guess this needs to change now that I´m to become a responsible mother in a matter of less than 15 weeks...(heeeelp! Am I ready????)

My first day home was spent on the computer working, teaching a spinning/kettlebell-class at noon, having a quick lunch coffee with sis, stylist friend & Oriana + an afternoon meeting with Mango.

The Bump is reaching new heights (or horizontal dimensions, more like it). It´s actually getting more round every day and I´m starting to have a slight problem with getting my shoes on... I looked at myself naked, sideways in a mirror 2 days ago and I couldn´t help but think: "Will my stomach EVER be flat again after this??" Oh, good ol´vanity.

On Friday I have a weigh-in at the midwife´s, which will be interesting. Since we don´t own a scales I have NO idea what kind of weight I have put on. Not only that, but we´ll also find out if it really is a BEBBELINA in there, or perhaps it´s been a BEBBO all the time????!

Time to place your bets, folks!

Me, on my bike...yes,yes, without a helmet, I know...some things just never change

My fantastic 3-geared Crescent, with the obligatory bike basket!



Jennie said...

Visst e det nice med när cykeln kommer ut, jag hade också premiär idag. Du får klara dej utan mej imorgon, sviker dej för Ullared :)

mojo said...

Hur ska man någonsin kunna konkurrera med det???? ;)

Ha en finfin dag, Jennie. God shopping!


Anonymous said...

It´s a girl....not the red bike but "the thing" inside your tummie

mojo said...

To Anonymous,

I think they are both girls! (Bike AND "thing"..) :)

Saturday, the answer is to be found on MOJO! (At least about "the thing")


Anonymous said...

Nej, svaret kommer när Bebben kommer ut i verkligheten! SÅ hundraprocentig är inte en ulj-undersökning...