Home is where the HEART is


Work went well in Tidaholm and I had a lovely group of people from Växjö, Mariestad & Tidaholm at the training course... but gosh, it´s great to be home!

P and I went to look at yet another apartment tonight, a cute 3-roomer in Linné. The apartment was NICE, but I´m not sure I would feel too comfortable living in Andra Långgatan. We have enough druggies and mental patients in our current street.
Adding to that, you will also find the hookers, the pimps, the criminals and the drunks in said street... Yes, it´s "pittoresque, bohemian & very Brick Lane-wannabe", but how much of that is ME? Ask my friends... they would probably start laughing just at the thought of me living at that address...not to mention what they would say if I told them that the tenants in this property have to do their own cleaning of the public staircase, yard and pavement! (Seriously, they would pee their pants!)

Would I be happy here?

... what about here? A house, a barn & a shed for 500.000:-, anyone? Hook? You would have to live right in the village of Nowhere, close to the little town of H....ljunga, a village that prides itself in the slogan: "Welcome to H...ljunga, a place in the world to live in"


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