Spinn of Hope 28 March 2009

As you can see, I´ve had to ditch all my biking wear - everything is too tight! Thank God for NIKE´s running collection! :)


Back on the X2000 again! :)

After 1 1/2 rides, I feel quite good. My body is still responding well to being on the bike.

I´m not sure how the rides were percieved by the people following by live-wire and it was kinda tricky to teach in that forum, but I have to say that I am very proud to have been a small part of this charity event. Both Matt and I were a bit starstruck when we got to meet Magnus Bäckstedt - The Big Swede - one of Sweden´s best cyclists EVER (newly retired since February 2009). The man has won one of the stages at Tour de France, he has won Paris-Roubaix, he has pulled over 1.000 watts in training (!!!) and is a giant both literally and figuratively speaking...and a nice person with it, it turns out.

Matt & I with one of Sweden´s best cyclists of all times: Magnus Bäckstedt.

Billy from Barncancerfonden welcoming the 30 or so centers around Sweden and celebrating Studio Aktiverum in Helsinborg-they single-handedly managed to raise 100.000 SEK!

When Billy from Barncancerfonden introduced the live rides by telling his very personal story about how his own daughter fought against cancer for several years and lost her life to the disease in 2006, one´s own little everyday hang ups felt quite insignificant and it felt incredibly good to be DOING something. 300 children fall victims to cancer in Sweden every year. Barncancerfonden gets 0 kr from the government and has to raise any money by themselves.
Spin of Hope is planned to be a yearly event and if you couldn´t join us this year, please do so in 2010.

With Emilia on the bike

A big HUG to Emilia who turned out to be a real trouper. She only started spinning in October last year, to get in shape for Melodifestivalen. She managed to both look glamourous AND sing during the 25 minutes that she was on the bike. Since there was a communication mix-up along the line, the only schlager we biked to in the end was Emilias own song, You are my world (which turned out to be a perfect flat road). So, even if that might not qualify as a proper schlager-spinning class, I can at least say that I´ve lost my schlager-spinning virginity for the right cause, in the right place with the right person! :)
In the half hour or so that we got to chat, I was charmed by Emilia´s personality and we had some very interesting conversations about everything from food & training to life & love.
I wish her the best of luck for the rest of 2009, with the release of a new album and a tour coming up.

Happy and content after the class



Magnus said...

Det verkar ju blivit riktigt lyckat ändå! Kul!

Jag tittade 5 min på Matthew och Rickard Sjöberg via nätet- jättefinbild och inte speciellt grynigt. Hr Sjöberg såg lite spänd ut i axlarna iofs ;) Kul med websändningen! Tyvärr har dagen varit späckad så jag missade dig men bilderna här såg ju strålande ut.

All good, kram M

mojo said...

Vad bra att bilden blev av fin kvalitét!
Det var ett härligt att vara delaktig i den typen av event.
Magnus, du kommer se nog av mig på FIBO, så det kanske var lika bra... ;)


Terese said...

Det såg underbart ut. Så synd att jag inte kunde vara med. KRAM

mojo said...

Nästa år, Terese!

Själv tyckte jag att det var trist att jag inte fick chans att träffa din Kärlek! :)

Hoppas möhippan blev lyckad!