First timers... pain and pleasure!

Today was a VERY exciting day!

I love and fear doing new things!

The FEAR part:
1. I want to be able to do it PERFECT the first time!
2. Since there is no such thing as perfection (if there is it is boring, so anyway), this is hard!
3. I hate failing!

The LOVE part:
1. Afterwards I feel AMAZING! Cause I overcome my fears.
2. It puts things into perspective!
3. I feel like a child again!

Today was a FULL ON trying-new-stuff-day.

Cirque du Pom Pom
- hanging in fabric, net, trying to do a flickflack. All this whilst posing for the camera (pics to come soon :)

- after missing out on 3 weeks I hesitated on going (what if I look like a fool, being the black cheep whilst the others just cruse the surface.... )
- But I went! AND learned how to do this:

So charged that I don't know if I'll ever fall asleep again :)

Jabadabadooooo Jo

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