Gothenburg - Barcelona 4-3


Sunbathing my feet at Buddha Bar, Barcelona...

...having Arabic inspired food with yummy non-alcoholic (!) beer!

Tapas with more non-alcoholic beer...

Fab lunch with gorgeous Jessica Exposito & Petter Ehrnvall at Tapas Madre - highly recommended Tapas place & Restaurant

Gothenburg - Barcelona 4-3

Weather 0-1 +20 degrees and clear blue sky from the moment we arrived, to the moment we left...
Food 1-0 Sorry, Barcelona - except from Tapas Madre - highly disappointing.
Shopping 0-0 No, no, no! Acid colours and hand dyed batik patterns are SO not attractive!
Smoking 1-0 Smoking ban? Don´t think so. People were smoking everywhere....
Beach 0-1 Well, Gbg doesn´t even have a beach to begin with, so no battle there...
Fashion sense 1-0 (In Barcelona) people in general just don´t care.
Old things to look at (not counting people) 0-1 LOTS of old buildings, statues, monuments, etc
Traffic 1-0 BIG City = BIG traffic jams

End Result: It´s GREAT to be back, although it was hard to leave +20degrees and a clear blue sky.


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