Working out or Working in...?!

You think this looks hard?!

This ain't nothing compared to what I did yesterday here in London!

I trained with THE man who trained her to get into that pose...

And let me tell u, that pose was the WARM UP! No, for real! I had one of the best workouts ever. For one hour I couldn't think of anything else then here and now, since James kept on correcting me and making me go deeper into my practice.

He teaches his own blend of yoga/pilates/gyrotonics! All mixed up in a sexy black bed that looks something like the cadillac you use in pilates.

After one hour I walked out feeling energyzied, tall and spacious... today I feel the same + soar...

(Note it is not the girl on the picture who wrote the blog, but she walked up the same stairs!)

I'll post some pics from the studio when I get back home since I didn't bring my camera cord... smart!

Let me tell u, this man is ROCK HARD but with a HEART of GOLD! If I could I'd kidnap him back home to Sweden!

Now some work from my (well not mine) spacious penthouse, then some Bikram Yoga, running before I teach classes in the city tonight!



Emma R said...

Gyrotonics?!?! Det låter som nån turkisk drink eller nåt... Bring some home!! :D

Jo said...

Okej, men först vill jag se dig i din nya mamma tröja ;)

Carin said...

Vad avundsjuk jag blir!!!!!
Tobbe och jag tyckte han var superduktig i somras. Har du yogat på jivamukti också???
Vi saknar dig på Badet!!!!
Kram Carin