Do Not Go Here For Dinner, folks!


Restaurant at Avalon Hotel =
0 recommendation, 0 points, 0 stars.

I had a brilliant evening this evening with K and her friends. Although K and I have known each other for 18yrs, this was the first time that I met her 3 cousins, her brother and 2 of her childhood friends. We met to have dinner and to celebrate K´s birthday.

The venue was the restaurant part of the Avalon Hotel (not the Bistro). This is the second chance I give this restaurant since it was a joke last time I visited concerning the service (and the food was mediocre to say the least).

Instead of improving, it had gotten worse...
Where do I start? I ask if they have freshly squeezed fruit juice (from fresh fruit...) as a non alcoholic apperetif and in that case can I please have it without any added sugar? The waitress looks at me blankly in response and asks: "So no sockerdricka in it?" (Sockerdricka is the sweet, Swedish version of 7Up or Sprite)
Me: (is this a joke?): "...ehhh, no thanks. No sockerdricka"
When the pre-dinner drinks arrive, I´m left without a drink. Suddenly the waitress appears again: "Is orange juice fine?"
Me: "Is it freshly squeezed? Otherwise I´ll just have some mineral water, thanks" She disappears and arrives with a barman (the head barman it later turns out).

He carries a packet of "God Morgon" Juice (think cheaper version of Tropicana). "Is this alright?"
Me: "So you don´t have freshly squeezed fruit juice? In that case, I´ll just have a mineral water without flavour"
Barman, whilst shaking his head (talk about mixed messages) "Yes".
Me: "No or Yes? You have freshly squeezed fruit juice"?
Barman: "Sure, I can fix that"
thinking: Am I in the twilight zone?

Juice turns up in a tumbler glass. 50% ice cubes and 50% God Morgon Juice. Same colour, same taste. Freshly squeezed juice have a very distinct colour and a very distinct taste. Me thinking: just keep calm, no need to kick up a stink right now.

Sea bass arrives. Tastes of nothing. Until I start getting slightly deeper into the dish, then it suddenly tastes of nothing plus a not very flattering flavour that I can´t distinguish. I don´t finish my plate (hey, how often does that happen???? Hardly EVER!).

Dessert. Average banana & chocolate dish, with a presentation that reminds me of the only one of Daisy´s diapers that I have ever changed. (So sorry, D, absolutely no offence to you).

Conversation is great. Laughter is all around. We´re having a jolly good time! K´s cousin M and I really hit if off. She is the mother of 3 and tells me about her future dream: leaving her job as a business controller to start up a gardening business together with her husband. She is a very intelligent and inspiring woman.

Time flies. We order the bill.
Instead of getting billed for one glass of wine, one of the guests gets charged 600SEK for a full bottle. My God Morgon juice is 68SEK. I ask to speak to the barman. To cut a long story short, he claims to, and these are his exact words
"....I went and found a fruit press and put 3 oranges and 2 apples in to make your juice" (Where did he "go and find" that??? I though that Mediamarkt was closed at 9pm Saturday evening?...)
When I told him: "That just cannot be true. I have a fruit juicer at home and I KNOW what colour apples make in a juice - BROWN - and together with oranges it becomes beige-yellow, unless you have used an orange press, with which you cannot possibly juice APPLES anyway - You´re lying."
Barman: "I have left my customers at the bar to come out here. I asked you if you wanted blablabla and you said no, so I made it fresh...blablabla...This is the price for the juice, I can´t do anything"
Me: "I don´t care about the money, it´s the principle that you come out here and tell a lie. You serve God Morgon juice and call it freshly squeezed, when it´s apparent that it´s NOT.
" (I´m not really sure where that one came from, but it felt good to say it).

By this time, I´m fed up with having an imbecile moron taking up my time and my breathing space, so I look him up and down, slowly turn my back to him and go "So, shoo, leave now. Go back to your customers at the bar. Byebye"

Don´t worry, I paid for the juice. Of course I did. But I will also tell EVERYONE I know, where NOT to go on their next dinner out. Actually, the word has probably spread already without my help. The restaurant was not even half-full tonight, Saturday night after salary. Probably I´m not the only one who refuses to pay for lousy service and bad food.

Positive things with the evening: New dress from Whyred, new snakeskin tights from Zara, necklace & clutch bag from Hoss, fantastic company & great conversation!

Nitenite, sweeties.



Helena said...

You are looking HOT!

mojo said...

TACK, H! :)

Hope you´re having a relaxing time up north - you´re so worth it


Rob said...

Avalon , Not the place to be then . Well i´ll take your word for it and chose something elsewere. Like London for example , where i am now. Hope youre great . Take care //Rob

Magnus said...


Jag pratade med Magnegård( Missade tyvärr vem- haha) häromdagen och det ska bli sjukt kul att åka till Tyskland. Det bådar gott!

Jag var och provade på Suuntos gruppträningspulssytem igår- det blir en farlig uppstickare på Activio. Både bra och mindre bra grejer med Suunto- läs mer här om du vill.

Ta hand om dig och magen;) kram M


mojo said...

Long time no see!
Vad händer i London? Hur går Varvet förberedelserna?
ABSOLUT undvik Avalons restaurang till varje pris, maken till amatörmässigt bemötande var det länge sen jag stötte på... Det finns både bättre och trevligare ställen att lägga sina pengar på...

Magnus, grattis till morbror-skapet!!!! :))
Tror att det var Daniel du pratade med... :)
Ska kolla in din länk, tack. Har testat Suunto, men blev galen på det faktum att de inte hade utvecklat en pekskärm för inloggning, samt att man inte kunde vara anonym... dessutom la systemet av i snitt 6ggr per klass under de 3 klasser som jag ledde... :(
Kanske har de hunnit åtgärda dessa "barnsjukdomar"?

Såå roligt att du hänger med till Tyskland!

Kram på er båda

Malena said...

Hot hot hot!!

Och så blev jag lite avis på Tyskland, hade ju varit såå roligt att vara med, hoppas ni får det hur bra som helst!


mojo said...

Ska hålla dig i åtanke, Malena!

Hoppas att du har det finfint och att du trivs!