Question of life


Yes. It was the first apartment that we´ve looked at during the last 2 months, that made us both go: "OOOOhhh".
We will join the bidding war from Barcelona next Friday...

I had planned a lie-in this morning. My passenger wanted differently and what can you do when the turning and kicking wakes you up at 7.30am? I tried to fall asleep again. To no avail. It actually just got worse. I get it, I get it, it´s a way of "slowly" handing your life over to another person. A way to adjust. Well, I both welcome it and dread it at the same time.

I didn´t want children for a LOOOONG time. During all those years I missed having a great child-less "role model", someone who had made the decision not to have children and being happy and content with that choice. There were one or two who I would refer to and look to, but there were just as many that I would not like to turn into.

I went from: 1) Absolutely NOT wanting to have children 2) MAYBE one day in the far future, I´d like children 3) IF I´m ever having any children-it´s with this man! 4) I think that maybe I´d like ONE child...
to: 5) Ok, I´m never going to be completely "ready". So let´s go - let´s try to become pregnant.

This means that during the last 5 months I have had many comments like: "...wow! YOU´re pregnant? I never thought YOU...sorry, I mean...." followed by much blushing and stuttering. Actually, it´s ok, I don´t mind.
I´m well aware that people around me didn´t think that I would change my mind and do the mum-thing. Even my own mother were a bit surprised (and emotional - she loves kids, and all cred to her, she has NEVER bugged me about my earlier "no children"-stance).

Getting this far into the pregnancy, I can happily say that I am ready. I look forward to it. I look forward to putting this little person first and I look forward to getting another outlook and another perspective on life. I can also honestly say that I would not have been ready one day earlier and I am truly grateful to have waited for the right time and the right place and the right man...

Picture taken over 1 year ago, on a night out with MG, ÅH & ER.
MG & ER being living evidence that MUM can still equal GLAMOUR... :)



Anonymous said...

Thank you Monika! Love MG

mojo said...

Big hug&kiss to you, gorgeous girl!