Sunny delight

Thanks to Riki who gave me the head´s up on
BRANDY´s live concert at Trädgår´n on May 14! An absolute MUST! Can´t believe she´s coming to Gothenburg? And to such a small venue??? She´s ACE. Best Brandy song to date? "I wanna be down"

15 hours to go until we know if it is a BOY or a GIRL doing all the sumersaults inside m
y belly!!!

I really took advantage of the sun today.
First of all I moved my office outside for my morning meeting with Mango. We managed to reserve a spot in the sun-out of the wind at Da Matteo, Vallgatan.

Yum. Da Matteo´s award winning coffee (one of their baristas just won the Swedish Championship) + croissant.

Mango and I set the final details for our m&m tour and our Stockholm delegates will have a seriously fun day of training, or what do you think?:

Functional Moves
Lecture on individual nutrition

Want to meet us? Come to Sportllife Östermalm on Sunday 22 March between 10-18 and say hello!

After some work in front of the computer at home, I changed into my running gear and went for a beautiful run in Änggårdsbergen.
(Interesting fact for any pregnant runners out there: Just the knowledge that I could pee behind a tree whenever needed, helped - much better than Skatås...)
I love running in Änggårdsbergen. The terrain is very hilly and therefore excellent for fartlek- or interval training.

However, I´m not fast right now. I can feel the extra weight and although my body is circulating about 50% more blood in the system, during pregnancy heart rate is NOT a good gauge when it comes to exertion. The only thing that really works at this stage is a subjective measure of breathing rate, leg heaviness and ab-tightness.
I have to say though, normally I celebrate my body daily for what it allows me to do with it, but these days, I SALUTE it and make humble bows in awestruck delight each time I go running, go on the bike, work with the kettlebell or do any other strenuous exercise...
The body is an AMAZING invention.

You can see the maternity belt (fantastic invention) sticking out under my running jacket... It might not show in this picture, but I´ll have trouble real soon doing my jacket up...



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