Good things Bad things


JO, have a lovely time with your mum in ______!
What a fab surprise birthday present!

Whilst JOJO is using her passport and spending a leisurely time in ______ I´m travelling to Hälsocenter TIDAHOLM tomorrow for yet another InCycle Certification Course.
Me and the bump are waking up at 6.30am to take the car 150k north.

I´m back late Sunday afternoon.

By the way, someone decided to start bidding on "our" apartment this afternoon, 3 days before the official showing. We took on the fight, but decided to let it go once it was 500.000SEK above the asking price... NOT a lot of fun, but hey, as the saying goes there will be others....

Luckily, other great things happened today. I can finally see how my other business idea will get the chance it deserves around late summer time... I´ll tell you more about it as soon as I can, I promise.

Have a lovely weekend, MOJO:ers!



Jennie said...

Budgivning e ju så frustrerande och jobbigt. Men det går fler tåg och lägenheter. Det har inte börjat dra i förortstarmen än :)
Ha en trevlig helg i Tidaholm!

mojo said...

Usch, ja...hur ska man lyckas hålla huvudet kallt?? Jakten går iaf vidare...visst kommer det att bli supermysigt med hus en dag! (typ år 2011-12...) :)

Tidaholm är snöigt och blött, hoppas att du har det härligt i Götet!