After teaching 3 classes I ran to the gorgeous P for a haircut! Watching him cut hair is even better than watching the BALLET! He is AMAZING!

A quick lunch and then planning with Mango ... can't say any more... not yet!

Singing in the rain we left my hOMe for Hagabadet where I taught the yogis about HOT YOGA. As I will be away next week, hot Kitty will teach the Hot Yoga classes, and I know that she will raise the temperature at least a couple degrees :)

So at the end of a long beautiful day I am now packing my bags for Stockholm. The NIKE office is having a big thingie around YOGA and I am gonna tell them all about it :) hihih

Perhaps with a little help from YOU:

- what are the latest trends in yoga?

- who is attending your classes?

- how can yoga help the athlete in her training?

- What are the latest trends in yoga outfits?

What do you say? Would love your trendy noses to tell me what you want more of! Off to bed soon I hope!

La la la love Jo

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