Your EDGE?

Feels like I just landed in my apt and now I am on my way again!
To LULEÅ and INPULS who celebrated 10 years today, BIG CONGRATULATIONS !!!

Still on a high from London and Tina Turner! Wow!!!

What a lady! She ran back and forth on a very very narrow stage 10m above thousands of people IN High high heels!!

There were NO safety nets or safety lines!!!

So I am thinking that I need to live a bit more on the edge... in order to evolve and be like TINA when I am 70!

What do you think about THIS ?!

Off to bed now, have to get up at 430am to fly to Luleå!



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A.Eneroth said...

Nu såg jag klippet missade det innan, sjukt mäktigt har aldrig sett sådana dräkter innan, de grabbarna flyger snabbare än 70km/h.