For all the tips
The support
Your energy
Your thoughts
Your humour
Your time

Göteborgs Varvet was one of THE BEST things ever :)
I had such a GOOD TIME thanks to YOU!

I know, it might sound a bit miss goodietosho BUT I am telling you, as I crossed the finish line and wanted to do it all over again - one more round - the least!! I am so proud of myself that I completed my GOAL - of running with a smile on my face, with a light heart and wanting to do it at least once more in life :) (that is not finishing with a heart attack and throw up at the finish line!!). Instead I am thinking of NYC Marathon 2010 :) With your support that is - Couldn't have done it without YOU!

  • MO - Endless life/running coach and BEST friend + Polar Time keeper :)
  • POM (Mango) - Put that pussy on it! Best MALE HEJARKLACK ALL TIMES!
  • Emma - BEST FEMALE HEJARKLACK :) Jumping out in the middle of Hisingen with a big belly shouting - You're gonna WINN!!!! Hahah Love to you supawoman
  • A:E - The night before, On Avenyn and the day after - sending me ENERGY greater than Life itself - You are my MR PASSION
  • M - Did it in 1:17 with a broken bodypart!! Just that is INSPIRATION. Guiding me along the track mentally, here do this, there do that, train like this, this distant, that day, this way :) Great
  • Tobbe - Mr ATLAS! Directing me around Skatås! Supporting me ARMY Style before and after! Don't drink at the last station - your body can't use that water anyway... etc etc hahah :)
  • Mom - In every way
  • P - For giving me the LUNGS to run like the WIND :)
  • Bro - Spent 25sek on his sister even though he thought it was to expensive! Only to find out I've given him the WRONG number.... love
  • Krull - I was running along your imaginary side along the entire course - feeling your love for the SPONGE at Götaplatsen :) Feeling your thirst for ENERVIT at the last station :)
  • Mr Flow - Our trips to Skatås battling the RUNNER Bros: We=NIKE +!! from far away Karlstad - holding one thumb :)
  • Ipod - Wow, Music really makes the world go round!
  • And all you Gorgeous YOGINI ladies who cheered me on a long the track, on sms and via mail!
Meeting up at Hagabadet for chill after the run :)
Balance is KEY in life!

Celebrating with Schlager, rosé and Apple Pie at Villa POM in Linné
with mom and FAB friends
Lazy Sunday with mom shopping and then BACKYARD BABIES at Berså jihaaa

Perfect way to end a GREAT weekend!




Terese said...

Grymt jobbat! Jag kan inte säga att jag kände "åh det här vill jag göra igen", men det vill jag nog. Men då ska jag inte få ont i knäet två månader innan som sabbar långpassen ... KRAM /Terese www.sparkibaken.se

mojo said...

Vi är SÅÅÅ stolta över dig och din insats, darling JO! (Dessutom med ett leende på läpparna OCH ett disco-pannband!!!) You go, glamourpuss!

Mo & P

Jo said...

T - Grymt bra jobbat med ditt knä, jag har liite ont i foten då jag vägrade stanna o knyta mitt skosnöre de sista 2km.... försökte springa igår men det var inte alls kul...
Nästa gång du är här nere får du komma o yoga o fika istället :)

MORP (Mo + R + P:) - TACK :)

www.kontrast.name said...

Till och med din röst var bättre efter varvet!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tur att du inte låter dig stoppas av orolig mamma.