WHALE on steroids


God, I´m grateful that JO is the second half of MOJO!
As we passed Trädgår´n tonight and saw the masses of people waiting outside to shake their booteys to fabolous David Guetta, I was SO happy for JO (D.Guetta is also one of my favourite DJs) and SOOO happy for me, going home to my bed! :)
I still LOVE the dancing, the dressing up, the pre-cocktails, but it´s the other stuff - the too drunk imbeciles stepping on my new shoes or spilling their drinks down my clevage that gets me frustrated, pissed off and...just tired. Maybe it´s just AGE?
I´d be cool with that. :)
My feet, my bump and my hands are all swollen after a day of sitting, eating and relaxing together with P´s family in a little place along the beautiful West Coast.
After 2 extra heavy days, really feeling like a whale on steroids I´m looking forward to feeling a bit better tomorrow.
The Bump is now so big that it doesn´t allow normal eating or hunger feelings... I learn new things all the time...

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Jo said...

it rocked
but my previously white shoes are now BLACK!

Let me tell you - it was soo worth it :)

Puss Jo