THRIVE don't just survive!!

A great day with fun classes!

The CORE & STRETCH class is one of my favourites and today I had some HOT company in the HOT Yoga class - THE LADIES from up North! Crossing my fingers that we'll .... in the .... so that we can ..... in the North :) Get it :?

A quick date with my POM and then full on ECONOMY work at the JIRA office (dread doing it but it feels so good once it is done! Strange huh, shouldn't it be FUN to write invoices and cash in money?!).

Perhaps I found the time to do my invoices since the option was to cruise to Skatås and go for a run hahah...

So when there were no more invioces to write I had to bite the bullet - biked 16km - ran 10km(with many HILLS!) - biked 16km back (on a cruiser that is!!)

Lovely FIKA in the sunshine with a REAL runner who gave me some GBG-Varvet tips + some great energy!

What a day :)

So to finish of in style I would like to GIVE you a GIFT!

Here she is

Patricia Moreno - a beautiful soul, woman and urban warrior!
She inspires me to do my thing and now she's got her own BLOG!


Love Jo


Marit said...

Babe, You are a superwoman!!! :)
Miss You!! Love, M.

Tobbe said...

Efter 32km cykling & 10km löpning bör du ha riktigt gott samvete:) Hoppas att du hade lite nytta av kartorna. Själv sitter jag på ett hotellrum i K-krona och kollar Acro-yoga filmer.

Jo said...

Tobbe - Kartorna är mitt mecka :)
Så sugen på sjö + slotts rundan, tänkte ta den i Juni när jag är tillbaka från NYC :)
Tusen tack!

Ser även fram emot hinderbanan ;)

Lycka till med Acron!

Marit - How's life? Studying/Working/Lovin it?
The new BJ ROCKS :)