Just make me wanna SHOUT

It's Funny!
During a YOGA Intensive there are certain Do's and Dont's.
Some secret and not so secret RULES that you have to play by:

  • Drink Coffey, coca cola
  • Eat any processed foods (ice cream is out of the question)
  • Smoke or take any drugs (well, off course!)
  • Use any kind of perfume
  • Joke about going out for a drink, ooops!

  • Drink loads of TEA
  • LISTEN carefully and very intensely
  • CRY
  • Open up to your past - some people LOVE to talk about it to
  • Wear Colourful hippie yoga clothing
  • Eat loads of granola bars
  • Hug for hours

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE YOGA!!!
But this afternoon was just a little bit to much for me. I know that I will recover and get back on the mat tomorrow but sometimes I just feel like shaking it all off, stand up and do a Victory Dance with a shoot of tequila in my hand :)

It is interesting also how the different schools of yoga and their community differs.
This training that I am doing now has brought a lot of serious and "damaged" (I know we all are more or less, but these are MORE) yogis together. Hence a quiet deep and serious tone!
Which in turn makes me wanna shout and get down!

But who knows. Even I might break during these days.
One thing that I figured out today was:

I am a MASTER at keeping my shit together!
I have a lot of really cool cooping skills - That is GREAT. I got my diploma, I can hang it on the wall. Perhaps it is now time to practice falling apart?!!

What do you say?

Hoooo Jo


mary said...

Hang in there and pretend you work deep deep deep undercover. Cause sometimes you end up in the WRONG group. And you also ask your self WHAT am I doing here. Your energi will be on speedy top when you get surrounded with not so damage people. Go for several tequila shoots and celebrate you´re not sick twisted or wrong//big kiss mary

mojo said...

...well, you know what I think about those kind of gatherings, darling Jo...
I´m with you in spirit-wearing high heels, fab dress, smashing lipgloss AND shaved armpits! - ready to boogie on down and to celebrate all things that are good in life, a zest for life that makes us want to move forward and to realize that life´s too short to dvelve in the past!

Love you,

www.kontrast.name said...

Hej min älskling!

Behåll din glöd,du har gjort tillräckligt många djupdykningar i ditt liv.

Det är glädjen,kärleken och sorgen som gör oss levande.Som Profeten säger:samma brunn som ert skratt stiger ur har ofta varit fylld av era tårar.

Så min älskling ,skratta du!
Love mamma

JL said...

Låt bli att bryta ihop, men OM du skulle göra det, ta då TVÅ tequila (eller egentligen hellre någon god shot.. ;)) och tänk att jag är med å tar 4.
Sen är det headbanging till ett WIKD beat hela natten! :D
hahaha.. nää men bit ihop å lär dig vad du kan, thats enough!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?