More than a woman...

FINAL DAY today with miss A!

Mixed feelings... kinda just starting the get into the flow, getting the hang of it and now it's over.

It's been an intense 9 days but I would do it all over again!

I have soo many new tools in my box as I leave Rhode Island.
But even more meaningful - I have made some really GREAT connections with AMAZING people!

Like at this very moment I am sitting in my room listening to More than a women with Bee Gees dancing the Disco Nauli Dance with my roomie, preparing for 4hours of Sweat sweat sweat!!! Doing lines from "A night at the museum" - Faro to Darth Wader: You don't look evil to me, you look a bit to much... like what's with the cape... r u going to the Opera??! And the Breath, I can't even hear my own thinking....... hahahaha

Off to the LAST Supper now folks

Love Jo

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