Ana Forrest TT Part 1

It's been a FULL ON day for sure!!

This woman is hilarious :)

I was expecting a monster, a female HITLER (you know what I mean) but instead I've spent the whole day in the loving care of a SUPAWOMAN!

There is not one single detail that she doesn't see - whilst some might interpret it as a HARD CORRECTION, A FAULT, I see that she's only speaking the TRUTH. And that can be hard sometimes since we're not used to that.

I've been to MANY Teacher Trainings and I have to say that this is the first time that the Teacher knows my name AND gives me personal feedback + corrections (several) in the first day!

Can't wait for tomorrow!
MO - You would have LOVED it here :)

My favourite comment of the day:
After a full on sequence being upside-down Ana tells the yogis to come down. So people start doing embryo (or childs pose as many call it).
Ana - Don't go to EMBRYO. I think 9 months is more than enough! Don't you?!

That's my kind of GURU

Jihaaa Jo

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