Hippie khaya é mother....

London was wicked Afro Power Dance, sweet Yin, innovative yogalates and deep contemplations mixed up with Gin and Tonic, R n B, Champagne, Up in the Clouds, shoe shopping and lots, lots of beautiful meetings with old and new friends!

As always i have a tendency to mix things up and this time it concerned the PARTY Saturday night at Katy's flat (the beautiful yogini I did the workshop with!).

She reminded me the night before my flight that the dress code was FANCY DRESS: Up in the clouds. So I figured a cocktail dress, kind of dreamy since they live in the penthouse and hence the sub line "up in the clouds".

Spent most of the Friday looking for shoes and a bag to go with my "fancy dress" and was so satisfied with my shopping :)

Asking Katy what she was wearing for the party she answered:
- Warrior Zena (or something like that)
Me in my mind: Hmmm that's a strange outfit - And when she asked: - What r u dressing up as?
I understood - I made a huge mistake!

FANCY DRESS does NOT equal Cocktail dress!!!
It is a COSTUME dress up party and I had NOTHING!!

I could either rent a costume for XXX pounds or........... YEAH! Make my cocktail dress into a HIPPIE outfit :)

This was the outcome:

I found a wicked spliff, eatable necklace, a badge saying 21 and THE SHOES worked :)
Not to bad ha..... :)

The party was WICKED! People in England really know who to do FANCY DRESS!!!!

There were superheroes, clouds, donughts, pornstars, you name it!
Fell a sleep at around 10 in the morning - had a soft breakfast at Le Pain Quotiden with a loved one before taking the flight back home!

This week isn't any less colourful:
BEYONCE - Mo, I totally agree with you!! Very good overall summery! My favourite was HALO :)
Running GBG Varvet (half marathon) on Saturday and before that I am thinking of attending not one but TWO fab Party's :) What do you think, is that how you prepare for 21k's?

Of to La la land now


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p3te* said...

Ah yes, the subtleties of English…but a great recovery!

Very Groovy!