Running to stand still

THANK YOU JOJO, for a fantastic fika in the sunshine today! My stomach muscles are still sore from all the laughter! Picture taken just before the Beyoncé concert last night...


At 33 1/2 weeks, I decided I won´t go running any more during this pregnancy. Which was a tough decision to make, since the weather was absolutely perfect for a run today... Instead I put on my baggy sweatpants, a non-technical vest and my non-running sunglasses and walked my way around Skatås. BORING, but it felt nice afterwards... It also gave me some time to study the various running styles...and seeing how some people run, it´s a small miracle that more people don´t get injured!

I also put my start number at the Göteborgs-Varvet up on Blocket. :(
It sold within 2h and I´m now waiting for the buyer to pick it up. I was supposed to do my last event this Saturday, but it was cancelled last week...(which I normally would have been quite pissed off about, but now it just seemed like the Universe thought I needed an early break...) and selling my start number was the only way to ENSURE I won´t get any last minute crazy ideas...

I taught my final Spinning/Kettlebell class of the season last night and when I was done I thought: "Yep. I´m all ready. Bring some peace and quite and "me-time" around!" Physically, I probably could have done at least 3 more weeks, but mentally? No.
There´s other stuff to focus on now.


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