FIERCE shape


Wow. We spent the evening in a room full of about 50 pregnant women (and their partners) tonight.
It was the 1st out of 3 information evenings about giving birth and all its surronding events. I met 2 women that I know. One is due more or less the same week as me and the other one is expecting in September. Greeting these aquaintances made me wonder:

What is the politically correct way of hugging a pregnant woman (when you both sport big bellies)???

Do you sort of dodge to one side (like in French airkissing) or do you resolutely rub bump with the other woman? If anyone knows the correct answer to this one, please let me know.

My sleep has taken a holiday. And last night was the 4th night in a row that I didn´t sleep properly. I was knackered when I got up! Bless all the fantastic people - all my regulars, who showed up to my very last class of this term, my Wednesday morning yoga!
Special thanks to J and Mia, who have visited both me and JO in the last couple of weeks.

Now it´s resting time and private training time.

This is my planned "schedule" for the next 6 weeks, or until delivery:

- Strength work 3 times per week (back, shoulders, arms, coupled with squats and oblique work)
- Walking or Biking 30min, 4 times per week.
- Stretching/Yoga. 20min every day.
- Meditation/Breath work. 10-15min every day.
- Sleeping/napping/resting, minimum 1h every day.
Delivering a baby is one helluva physical challenge. I´m planning to be in FIERCE shape when "Putte" is ready to come out...


Anonymous said...

THANKS darling for a wonderfull class! amazing flow and feeling!
Får nog ta å köpa ett 10kort på gymnasium sen när du är back in action! J @ Haga är det ju omöjligt att träna ärligt för, om man inte är miljonär.. ;)

mojo said...

TACK själv, J!!!
Önskar dig en kanonsommar :),

Vi ses till hösten (om inte förr),