Kettlebell - training with Steve Cotter

"Now, where did I put that kettlebell...?"

Hilde from Norway, KB-Swinging soft style at 8 months pregnant - fierce!

GO NORWAY! This bunch of people = awesome KB-lifters!
Christian, Kari, Hilde & Lisbet

With the very sweet, very lovely (even if they look tough and hard) guys from Crossfit Nordic.
Erik, Tomas, Rickard & Einar.

She´s tiny - but VERY strong and with a beautiful technique: Ayame.

WOW. It´s great to feel small and light again! "Little John" - doing lifting with pregnant woman.
Fab person, with the nicest smile and heart...
oh, and with the COOLEST name:
John Wild Buckley...

The man, the myth, the legend: Steve Cotter.
The things he can do with his body are a bit out of this world.


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