Breaking HABITS!

Heeeeej from far away :)

So I am HERE!
In Warwick, 1 hour from Boston if that means anything to you.

After some wild full on days where I tried to squeeze in everything from my privates to my projects, from my friends to family and my economy to everyday-must-do's. I finally made it on the plane to NYC.
Woke up at 5am to pack my bags and sort out my apartment - never packed that fast in my entire life. A taxi to the airport at 630. Flight via Düsseldorf to Newark where they hardly let me in saying something about a form I hadn't filled out - must be a new thing (oh right, have to fill it out NOW!!)!

A train ride and a taxi ride later I arrived at the HOMESTEAD SUITS where I am staying for the training ( a bit nervous since I hadn't booked a room for the night, kinda hoping for the best:).

Phuu ......

Woke up at 5am this morning but with a little help from my eye pillow I managed to fall back to sleep and woke up at 12 instead :) That's more like it!!

The manager here is soo friendly ! I had no IDEA where I was this morning or what to do. But he was taking another girl to Whole Foods, so I joined them.

After 2 hours of grocery shopping and 150 dollars poorer he came back and picked us up!

I LOVE WHOLE FOODS - but this time it was a bit different. After seeing my osteopath a couple of weeks ago we came to the conclusion that I should eat less (or really NO) carbs and much more FAT for some time.... I LOVE BREAD - and CEREAL - and FRUIT so this is kinda hard for me.....

But I am willing to give it a go!

You know how you when you shop you buy the things you NORMALLY buy... well I had to think it all over today.
Whole FAT milk, WHOLE fat Yoghurt, Butter, Eggs, Avocados, and loads of GREEN stuff (i normally get this but not all the WHOLE FAT stuff...)

P, I do hope that you know what you are talking about!!!

Thinking of going for a run now - who knows how the next 10 days will be like?
Ana Forrest got a rather nasty reputation of breaking people.... in a sort of good way if you know what I mean!

Love from the land where all your dreams come true!


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