Super Sale


I have some amazing friends. One of them is R, who on his day off arranged a phenomenal day today.
R is a high end educator in Sales. His daily fee run into x.000s. Anyway, R decided that many of his closest friends would really benefit getting better in sales and could really learn one or two things from his coaching...so today 12 of his friends gathered together and received a fantastic day of super-sales education - FOR FREE!

Thanks R - you are a star.
The stuff you taught us today was inspiring, educational, usable and it will certainly make all of us 100% better at selling our services, products, ideas, etc.

At the end of yet another weekend, I´m happy and so, so tired. I´ve entered week 33 of my pregnancy, which means: 7wks to go! The week ahead holds a lot of fun stuff:

- Beyoncé´s concert tomorrow night!
- The first out of 3 sessions informing us about the delivery and its surrounding events.
- Finding the apartment of our dreams.
- Brandy´s concert on Thursday night.
- Teaching my 2 last classes before maternity leave.

Bring it on!


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