5 out of 5


Brandy at Trädgårn.
No dancers. No moving stage.
No light show.
No fancy haute couture dresses.

Just a 4-man band and two background singers.
Fancy show and stage costume: 2 out of 5
Hairdo: -5 out of 5. Not even a crow would make a home in her hair.

On stage: one of my favourite singers from the 90s. Who have sold over 25million records worldwide. Who has had her own succesful TV-show. (Who is the cousin of Snoop Dogg!)
With a voice like honey mixed with silk.

Ripping off hit by hit,

"Full moon"
"What about us"
"Almost doesn´t count"
"Have you ever"
"Top of the world"
"Boy is mine"
& of course, my personal favourite: "I wanna be down"

JEZ. And we could stand so close that even I (with my blindness) could see that she had no wrinkles in her face and that she has very nice arms - without getting trampled upon.

Like our good friend Riki D so perfectly put it (after Brandy´s opening number, "Afrodisiac" sent shivers down our spines) : "This is what I mean! Beyoncé is a fantastic artist, but Brandy, Brandy is a true musician!"

Concert total: 5 out of 5.

It´s a crying shame so few people turned up. She deserved at least as many people as Beyoné pulled to Scandinavium Monday night. The business of entertainment is ruthless....



Helena said...

Åh, hade gärna sett Brandy! Hon är ju helt fantastisk - vilken röst! Förstår att du är nöjd...

mojo said...

Åh, Helena, hon var GRYM!!!
Får du chans att se henne live i framtiden-boka direkt! :)

Ha en fin helg,