In For The Kill

This morning was a sleep in, the first in 3 weeks I think :)
I woke up to the tune of fab F singing OuOuOuOu on my phone Beyonce style!
Tonight is LIVING in Gothenburg, the perfect warm up for half a marathon :)

But before that I really need to dive into my e-mail box. Don't know what my issue is... I love reading the e-mails but then I have such a hard time answering them - I want to, I really do but there is usually so much I want to say that I dread having to write back, I'd much rather go visit the person and have a fika hahaha

O well!

Thinking of going for a tiny run, the last one before the marathon. Rest to get in shape - never heard about that! In my business there's no time for resting your physical body in shape since you are either teaching classes or doing your own training. I know this is NOT optimal but that's the life I've chosen and I'm not gonna let it hold me back from doing my thing and other things at the same time :)

Thursday Thirst everybody ;)


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