New training routine


It´s a BEAUTIFUL day, warm and sunny.
We had a lazy breakfast at our new "local", Starcups, with sis, Mike, Terz & Febs, followed by a light training session in the gym.
High reps (16-25) with low weight (30-50% of 1RM) is the new black. It gets the blood circulation going and does NOT give violent contractions. At least I´m a fast learner.

After the session last Friday, where I sort of "forgot" that I´m 8 months pregnant and did heavy, heavy STRONG lifting, I didn´t feel too great afterwards. I was never worried for "Putte" and I, it was just not comfortable at all.

JOJO left for the US this morning. She has promised to keep us posted from her amazing yoga trip to the legend Ana Forrest. I miss her already!


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