The Yin and Yang of a Yoga teacher Training


A day full of YOGA (off course)

I am learning so much everyday! Tomorrow I am gonna teach the whole class in front of Ana Forrest (only around 5min but still). She gives MASSIVE feedback in front of the whole group. I like it and am scared of it at the same time - you know - evolve or die :)

As a teacher trainer my self I am really impressed with the way she gives feedback to the students. She is FUCKING HONEST in a way that is truthful and evolving for the student cause you can feel that it is done with the deepest affection! I aim to be able to do that! (have a hard time being THAT honest sometimes....)

Anyhow - there is a time for yoga and there is a time for girl stuff :) So after classes today me and my gorgeous/funny/smart rommie went to dinner and a movie :)


As in Yummy Food, Coffe :) and gorgeous Ewan McGregor in Angels and Demons !!

It is way past bedtime now yogis!

Sweet Dreams


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