Task of the Week


It´s true.

Pregnancy brings out the "nesting"-instinct. I´ve never had that feeling before and it´s quite unnerving that having a bump means that you desperately want to get your home in order for the big arrival. Not that our current home is not in order, but it would be nice to find a place to buy, instead of renting.

Sis & M went through their move on Friday and they now own a lovely, lovely apartment in one of the most coveted streets in this city. Our goal is to find something very close to where they are. Not the most simple task, but hey, why do simple things when you can make them more challenging?...

We spend so much time at each others homes it would be the most practical solution. Also with Bebbo on the way, imagine how helpful it would be to live just around the corner from each other?

Soooo..Task of the week: Find new home and let nesting instincts FLY...


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