Struggle Free?!

Thank you ALL for your loving words, they really mean a lot to me!

Especially today when I got back from the first yoga session 7am-12 non stop ADVANCED ASANA.

I was exhausted, not physically but mentally!
Forrest yoga is a very different style of yoga compared to what I normally teach. You hold the poses for quiet some time, the room is heated to 35-38° Celsius BUT the most challenging part is the mental journey you go through. Ana is an AMAZING teacher and there is not one singel thing that you can get away with. She even sees all the crap that you do that YOU'RE not even awear of.

Anyhow... this morning the intention with the class was STRUGGLE FREE.

I am not joking when I say that the room was full of people screaming like animlas being hunted down. I can take a lot but those screams went right into my soul like a dirty knife, twisting, turning, unwinding itself.

I was exhausted! I ran straight brack to my room and took a long shower. Thinking about NOT going back in the afternoon.

But of course I did (if you know me!) and I am glad that I did.
I am learning and it is hard cause it is not BLACK or WHITE as you all know.

I just got back from a DELICIOUS dinner with FAB girls! Feelt like getting a bit naughty tonight so we went to an Italian restaurant and had fried food and cappucionos :) Lovelly !!

My favourite quote of the day:

They/You need EXECUTION - not EDUCATION. It's gonna get answerd by FEELING it!
-Ana Forrest

Throw yurselfs in there MOJO readers

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