Lucky Girl

Where did the day go???
I did a modelling job for SCA which took more or less all day. I know... It sounds very glamorous. (Yes, I´m even signed up with a modelling agency...) But truth is, unless you do magazine work/fashion/high end ad work it´s completely and totally UN-glamorous!
Today was fun though, since I was working with, in my opinion, Gothenburg´s most gorgeous woman M, and not only because she is physically gorgeous (she is!) but because she has the personality to match.
Thanks to her, the shoot was a hoot. :)

I was dead tired when I came home to change before my evening classes. I felt quite low actually. I think it´s the not sleeping in 6 months that is catching up. I didn´t slept a full night the month before Robin arrived and I haven´t slept a full 8h since the birth, and let´s just say, I´m starting to feel it...
Normally, around 4 months, babies start sleeping the whole night through. Errr...not our son. He still needs food 3 TIMES a night. Which means that the longest sleep-cycle I get in one night is 4h. If even.

Tired and hollow eyed I came home to find a huge bunch of flowers on the kitchen table together with a beautiful card, from P and Robin. It made my eyes water.
Wow, I´m an amazingly lucky girl.

Beautiful M getting ready for the day


TOTALLY, incredibly unglamorous...I mean, just check out the SHOES!

An act of love on one of the days that I needed it the most...



mary said...

Halloj love, så många fina komplimanger jag blir alldeles rörd. Men det dröjer inte länge förrän jag brister ut i gapflabb-älskar min nya fina vita mac som roar mig tillsammans med er roliga bloggare.....tror ändå ingen fattar hur en arbetsdag kan se ut men visst är det så ..........you mean just check out the shoes...jävla fula skor. Men jag älskar allt som får mig att skratta....du fick mig att laugh out loud.keep up the fun in life. Stor kram mary

mojo said...

Ahhhhhh, men det är ju SANT! :)
Undrar om jag kan BEGÄRA high heels till nästa lab-rock??? ;)
Hoppas visningen gick bra i lördags, ses fredag morgon, hoppas jag.

Puss på dig,