To Yoga or Not to Yoga?!

Monisier Wong is da SHIT!

Today I am Berlin's bitch...

Not so cocky after waking up at 4:45am to go to 3 hours of sweaty yoga - I mean I LOVE Ana's teaching but somehow my body seems to get stiffer as I do it, it was the same thing last time. Thi first day I have no problem putting my head under my foot but today my entire body screamed NOOOO as I tried it... Hm

It might be the soarness... I'll keep you updated

Thinking that maybe a run would soften me up, but there just isn't enough time/energy in me, at least today + there are soo many other INTERESTING things to do here!!

After our morning class I went to my bagle shop - sat there trying to lift my hand to my mouth in order to chew my bagel. Then straight back to the hostel where I did some office work just before my eyes closed and I was out to the sound of Robbie Williams new FAB album! (love Morning sun!!)

On it again at 1130am - Teacher Intensive till 4pm - My plan was to EXPLORE the ARTISTIC shops in BERLIN but I felt a fever coming so I rejuvenated myself at MR WONG!!! YUM YUM!!

Trying to move my touch from the hostel bed to the bar down the street to finish some work - LOVE that everybody sits there with their MAC Laptops and a glass of wine - why don't we do that in Sweden more often?

Anyhow - feels like I get to have a tea and tea only tonight, bought some funny strong pills in the pharmacy ... you think I should take them? It says 3pills twice daily, quiet a lot ey.....

Love from EXHAUSTED Jo (who almost feel like skipping yoga 2morrow and lie in bed....hm....)


Zach said...

I get this with Ana too. I can do head to ankle right now, but in a class with Ana? Almost never. But if I make sure that I'm using the inside line of my leg (squeezing my hips together in those LOOOOOOOOOOONG warrior 2s, it helps a lot. Also for me, making sure I'm tucking my tailbone instead of my low back helps!

LOVE, MU lifestyle forever.

mojo said...




I miss You so so much in class - miss having you nest to me - smiling and being graceful!!

Someone to play with!

I'll take your tips into 2morrows class

Miss U Husband



Emma R said...

"Funny strong pills"... Hmm... Skriv vad de heter och styrkan så ska doktor Emma (som har alldeles för mkt time on my hands numera) ge ordination på hur mycket som är lämpligt! ;)
Kram från Gbg!
Saknar att gå på dina pass. Kommer åter med full kraft snart hoppas jag!!

mojo said...

Vad jag saknar dig (o din husband lite oxå!)

Hur mår ni?

En JULFIKA snart?

Jag tog aldrig pillerna... Andades mega djupt istället o ÅNGADE ut febern ;)