The city seems to be amazing - haven't seen much yet, but I LOVE ROSENTALLERSTRASSE (or something like that) That I walk up and down to get to the Yoga Studio - which is a BEAUTIFUL place with a supa FUN director (I practised next to him the first day - hahah) He has already invited me to come teach here in the future - Lovely Yogi!

ANA - Is AMAZING!!! # classes down (each class is 3 hours... I am not kidding you !!) Full on HARD CORE no Bullshit!

And the HOSTEL is actually GREAT - it is quiet FUN! I stay in a room with 4 other beds in it, and people come and go all the time. I seem to be the only one staying :)

Just 30min ago 4 dudes came in, I heard them talk in Swedish and in my mind I was thinking (Shall I pretend to be British maybe:?) Just for the FUN of it...

What do you think?

OF to bed now - 2morrow is another EVOLVE OR DIE day! What do you do on a SUNDAY?


May the FORCE be with you

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pete* said...

I love hostels, and they're definitely the best place to stay when travelling "tout seul".

You meet all sorts of interesting (and often very weird) people, and sure beats coming back to an empty hotel room at the end of the day.

Looking forward to discovering everything you've learned when you get back to regular classes.
...You were on fire after your last trip in summer!