You phone, we phone, I phone

When I finally dragged myself to the 3 shop, it looked like....well, you can see for yourself on the picture above. I ended up spending 20min outside in the freezing cold, before I finally found out that all the computers were down inside the so called shop... Well, I should have the coveted gadget before Friday. Much to my delight, my dear friend M, the techno freak, decided to get one too. Yes! This means that I will have someone to teach me (and no doubt tell me) what applications I should get/need! :)

Life as a self-employed educator/entrepreneur can be quite lonely sometimes. After almost 15 years on the road, most of the time traveling alone, working alone and brainstorming with one´s own little self, I´ve noticed that I seek out more and more ventures together with other people. Why not? I know some extraordinary people and not only are they amongst the best in their chosen fields, but they are also great people to be around... It´s much more fun being able to bounce ideas off somebody else´s exciting brain for a change!
2010 will be the year of collaborations... I like!


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