Fantasy vs Reality....

Stockholm was GREAT! Early early morning - woke up 5am - worked, worked, worked and then dragged myself on the plane back home, knowing that a safe harbour was awaiting me :)

I LOVE being picked up at the airport - isn't it one of the BEST things around!?
I can fantasies about it, picturing myself like the people in the movies - running into the arms of your loved one, throwing your bags, having eyes for only that person :)

In my mind I see myself doing this :) But NEVER ever in reality - What happens?
Instead of romantically letting myself go I briskly walk pass all the SLOW people in the isle towards the exit - with a knife sharp focus I pick up my bag and keep on walking very focus, so focused that I almost miss the person meeting me - give him a quick hug and ask where the car is.....

What's up with that?

Shape up misses......

Now I'm sitting in a HUGE CLUB in Helsinki - Just packed 500 Goodie Bags for the Super Instructurs who are joining us tomorrow!

It is time for SUPER SATURDAY in Finland :)

Teaching BODYBALANCE 47 with Powerful Arja tonight

Tomorrow is a full on schedule with
BODYBALANCE 47 Team Jo + Arja
BODYJAM 51 Team Jo + Kimmo
BODYBALANCE Generic Session
BODYBALANCE 47 Team Jo + Tiina w Fab Arja and Susanna supporting us on the huge stage :)

There will also be surprises such as a Push-Up competition, a BODYPUMP Drink... hm.. Yummey? And more...

Saturday evening will be traditionally Finish I think - There is a SPA/Sauna booked for us with all the traditional Finish stuff... whatever that is, hm?! Anyway - Sunday is a SOFTER day :)


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