I would do ANYTHING for love...

...but I won't do THAT!!!
Do what?

I'll tell you in a minute - first lets take it from this morning!

Another Miraculously Extraordinary day in this life of HUMAN BEINGS :)

Great start where the 3 hours of EARLY morning yoga starts to feel like to little.... huh?! Yeah I know - I was kinda getting used to the 4hour (and I mean 4hours of asana practice) that we did Fri-Sun!

After class I run across the street after the morning session to my FAV Bagel Café and as I enter, before I even open my mouth, the owner says: - One Resenthaler Bagel Fulkorn and a Cappuccino?! Me: - Perfect!!!

As if I've been living here 10 years already :)

This afternoon I promised myself to go and explore new parts of Berlin so I took the tube to West Berlin - KaDeWe to be exact :)

Hugh MALL - Harrolds Style, t
he first 5 floors took me about 6min to cover - and then I entered HEAVEN - The FOOD Halls - WOW!!! + It is CHRISTMAS time!
Guess how long I spent drewling over the ADVENTSKALENDRARNA with al the BEST chocolate inside....

Finally I had to grow up and realize that I wouldn't be able to take one home (or THE one's I wanted since they were heavy and BIG)... :(

After an hour of LOOKING at food I became hungry - and hear this - I decided to eat GERMAN food!!! Sat down at a POTATO HOUSE or what they cal it and ordered the German speciality with a ..... (drums...) BEER!!



I NEVER ever drink beer + this week is a YOGA intensive training - Don't know what got into me but I HAD FUN!

Sitting in the middle of KaDeWe with a big plate of potatoes and chees, a BEER and a SMILE giggling on the inside!

I know two people that would have been proud of me! DAD and Berndt - Both in heaven - I know you were watching me with PROUD and a bit envious eyes ;)

Just got back to the hostel and jumped into the shower .... Or so I thought ...

In the shower room I meet a
Mexican dude - all this time I've been kinda alone in the shower room. Or guys have been entering but then leaving as soon as they've opened the door and seen me - oh well.. I've been thinking that maybe my T-Shirt was to short or something.

BUT now the Mexican dude starts to speak Mexican to me (just like al Germans speak German to me - what is up with that...?! SPEAK ENGLISH!!!) - I try to understand but then he says BOYS...
Yeah I say, it is OK, you can stay! I then understand that he's trying to tell me that this is the MENS' shower room... he takes me around the corner in the hallway and shows me the WOMENS' shower room... OUPS!

This is how it goes:
For the bathrooms' there are signs of MEN/WOMEN and next to each bathroom there is a shower room but this only has a SHOWER and NO person on it - get it!

OBS! This is NOT the picture of the WOMAN next to the bathroom. This is a pic I took today in a parking lot - have you any idea of what this symbol means in a parking lot content?!

So I thought I could take what ever shower I wanted...
If I didn't wonder why MEN left as they meet me in ´their´shower room?!

- Well - to my deafens - we do SLEEP together so I don't understand why we can't shower together?! Do you?! Oh well!! Life is full of funny rules - at least they make you laugh!

Sweet dreams Jo


mojo said...

Hahahahaha, jag tror jag smäller AV!!!
Jag är oxå STOLT över dig! Bra gjort med öl+tysk husmanskost-det enda sättet att överleva Tyskland en längre tid... ;)

Fattar fortfarande inte att man delar rum med motsatta könet?! What´s up with THAT???
Hm. Fast de bastar ju iof tillsammans-nakna-på fitnessklubbarna...

Kom hem snart,

Kramar & Kärlek

p3te* said...

Only a Swedish person could handle the shower situation so calmly! ;)

I love German food...especially the really dark bread, and biscuits. As a idea for a small something to bring home, you should pick up the herbs used to make Gluwein, so you can make some at all the Christmas parties you'll be going to over the next few weeks.

mojo said...

Pete - YES German Bread is FAB and Healthy :) But now I'm talking the OTHER spectra of German food... ;)

Thanks for the Shoping TIP!

Mo - JAAAA! Dom har ju tydligen inte tänkt till hela vägen i detta landet - men om man tänker efter så har dom väl ALDRIG gjort det - smarta kortsiktigt liksom ;)

Miss u to! Har massa KUL med mig hem härifrån så it is worth the wait ;)


p3te* said...

The other spectra of German food? Ah, then that probably involves MEAT, and lots of it. You cant leave Germany without having tried a Schnitzel and some sausage!

Becks Gold is nice too!

Anonymous said...

How funny the internet is, I was searching for "mojo" for entirely different reason.

But now that I'm here, I have to agree, we should all get naked and shower together! Good for the environment as well: shower with a friend, save water!

But now I'm so curious: what won't you do for love? You never said!

PS: Beck's Gold is about the worse German beer there is. Instead, try... anything else.

mojo said...

Ah - THE BEER Question - Honestly, I probably couldn't tell - ask me anything about TEA and I'll join the debate !

Well Anonymous...

I'll tell you when you stop being "anonymous"

Rules of the universe ;)


Anonymous said...

Too bad the universe has such rules, as somebody wise once wrote "Life is full of funny rules - at least they make you laugh!". Ha.

No problem, though, it's really not that important...

mojo said...

Anonymous :)

U seem like a sharp one ;)

Glad you feel the same about the rules!!

The I WON'T DO THAT part is coming up, patience pays which is another funny saying of the universe ;)