5 months


He is such a happy little camper. He wakes up with a smile, even in the middle of the night at feeding time. He also has a fierce will, though, (I´m not sure, but he might have gotten that from his mother...who knows?...) and he will certainly tell you if he is not happy. I love that! No guessing game here.

December 1 is also my little sister´s Birthday. Whoha! It gets more and more difficult each year, trying to figure out what to get her...I mean, I´m easy in comparison! (Christian Louboutins, anyone?)
My whole family have their birthdays during Sep-Dec (even I). Add to that a 1-year Wedding Anniversary on Dec 25 (incredible)...
Lucky we have decided to stick to the "Strictly ONLY 1 X-mas present"-rule again this Christmas... :)


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